Stega Went Diving

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When I was on Little Cayman I had two cameras to use, as I’m not about to take my big rig (a Canon Mark IV) 100 feet under water. My little Canon Powershot S90 (yeah it’s old but this was my first dive trip since I think 2011) and a Yi camera. They did not provide the best results, but it’s the memories that count.

So here are pics of sting rays, an ocean trigger fish, some grunts, a trumpet fish, a lobster and several other things.

Now keep in mind that while this holiday was in March of 2018, I only just [as in two weeks ago from when this post is going live (aka mid-August 2019)] caught up on all the backlog of digital media up until March of 2018.

In my defense, life here at Purgatory has been extremely busy over the last 16 months since this trip, and that’s my excuse to which I’m sticking. But seriously, so many projects have been happening that I haven’t had any time to just sit down and plod my way through the backlog of media from this trip until fairly recently. Of course there were the complications of cleaning up various directories of random media files over the last year after I brought up a new NAS (Network Attached Storage for the non-geeks reading this) that now resides in the wine room SLASH server room.

But back to the vacation story I’m supposed to be writing for you to read (or listen to, as in case you hadn’t noticed there are also audio recordings now of most posts.)

I did try out the video options as well, but had less than stellar results. Still here are a couple of compilations of interesting things.

First one is in B&W. No idea how my cam got set to B&W but the turtle actually looks pretty cool without full color.

Once I fixed my cam and got it out of BW mode, I messed about with it on a few dives. It was mainly about practicing my skills as having a camera with you when you dive totally changes things. Perhaps I’ll eventually acquire something specifically for diving but right now I’m sticking with taking good pictures of birds and flowers and all the stuff outside my window here at Purgatory.

Anyway here’s a very short compilation of some of the interesting things I saw including a shark that decided to check me out.

Also a bit about the image at the top of this post. Before every dive the dive masters would explain the site at which we were moored and describe any landmarks and interesting sea life we might see once below the surface. They’d draw things out on a white board and I found that the best way to organize the data from my dive computer was to snap a quick picture of the board. Then I just add the image to my dive app. I’m a pretty awful diver when it comes to log books, as I like to know where I’ve been, but I don’t take copious notes about the spot.

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