The Mini

Oh little Mini how I love thee. Let me count the ways.

You do not go fast like BDR5
— a Volvo wagon with an M52 under the hood.
While you are barely alive,
in 24 Hours of Lemons it does good.

You are not neat and tidy like the M Coupe,
especially now the dash eprom is mended.
Currently you are covered in owl poop,
yet it is pampered and well tended

You need a good bath, (but there is a drought)
and were meant to replace the 914 — it sure was sweet.
You arrived when it was on its way out,
for batteries that Chevy block liked to eat

Then Kitty arrived — a former BMW team car.
It now has a new engine,
so while spider webs form your delicate peignoir
an M57 allows it to go to eleven.

Before you again hit the road
with windows grimy like fog,
your computer is in need of a recode
else you will fail the dreaded smog.

So maybe someone will read this bad semi-sonnet
And want to fix all the bits under your bonnet.

Agent Smith has no time
sitting outside the front door
cheap Mini to good home

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