Back when we lived in San Francisco we had a strange little balcony that was accessed from the living room. It looked out into the second story windows of a house around the corner as well as down into their small yard. Originally we bought a couple of outdoor chairs and small table, but eventually those were moved out to the lower garden and the planter boxes took their place.

When we moved down here, I ended up adding more matching chairs and a large table and umbrella. Another four chairs and larger table were purchased a bit later as well as cute little glider. Big patio umbrellas were added to the mix as well.

After five years, the original finish was starting to give way and rust was creeping across some of the surface. Based on a recommendation of a neighbor, I found a place that could clean them up and powder coat them.

Instead of going with a single color, I went with a small rainbow. Sadly they couldn’t easily do pink or purple. Sadface! Still the end results are colorful and fun.

I liked the end result so much I ended up taking them the outdoor bench we bought when first moving down here for a cleanup and paint as well. It is now blue and sits out by the big fir tree. Best of all it matches the pretty planters…more on those next!

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