Finally A Contest!

Roughly 18 months ago our very first large dinosaur was delivered. Currently it is our only dinosaur (although we have been keeping our eyes out for others,) and, more importantly, this little girl or guy still does not have a name.

Thus to find a suitable name for it, we are hosting a contest. To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on our Facebook page (for this post) with your suggested name(s), or you can email your suggestions to stega @ purgatory . org.

The nitty details:

  • You can enter as many suggestions as you want, but if the same name is suggested twice, the first person to suggest a name gets the credit.
  • If one suggestion stands out, the person who made it will win out right.
  • If there are several suggestions that we like, we’ll have a poll to select the winning name and the poll will be voted on by our readers.
  • The winner will receive their very own Purgatory Auto Works and Dinosaur Farm baseball cap as well as a few other fun items.
  • We hope to have our little friend named by mid April, so please start submitting your ideas!

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