Samsung Technical Support: OMFG it’s worse that I could ever imagine.

So the last post was about our new oven and after it went live I decided to finally try again to tackle the annoying issue of the clock losing it’s NTP settings.

It was perhaps the most frustrating annoying attempt to get technical support I have ever experienced.

For starters, Samsung doesn’t even list wall ovens on their support email interface (located @ Without that item on their end of the equation, one cannot easily send in an email support ticket.

That was the first WTF.

So I tried the FB page. OH MY GOD THE PAIN. It’s mainly just for phones and tablets.

So I went back to the website and tried the chat feature.

This is the transcript.

Chatbot (02-18-2019 04:03:09 PM)
Hello! I’m Samsung’s automated Virtual Assistant. Here to help you.

User (02-18-2019 04:03:18 PM)
Support for a product I already own

Chatbot (02-18-2019 04:03:18 PM)
How can I help you?

User (02-18-2019 04:03:33 PM)
SO ANGRY with your support site.

Chatbot (02-18-2019 04:03:33 PM)
Please select which product you need help with.

User (02-18-2019 04:03:38 PM)

Chatbot (02-18-2019 04:03:39 PM)
I will be connecting you to a Samsung Care Pro who can help.
Before I connect you with a person, please share your full name.

User (02-18-2019 04:03:45 PM)
LC Boros

Chatbot (02-18-2019 04:03:45 PM)
Please provide your email address so we can follow-up with you in case we get disconnected.

User (02-18-2019 04:03:51 PM)
Chatbot (02-18-2019 04:03:51 PM)
Connecting you to a Care Pro now.

Harsha Sh (Samsung Agent)(02-18-2019 04:04:16 PM)
Hi, thank you for reaching out to Samsung Technical Support. How may I assist you?

User (02-18-2019 04:04:26 PM)
I’m VERY grumpy. It’s taken me three tries to actually get your support stuff/chat to work.

User (02-18-2019 04:04:37 PM)
My oven loses its NTP settings randomly

User (02-18-2019 04:04:45 PM)
this causes the clock to become wildly inaccurate.

User (02-18-2019 04:04:58 PM)
the only way to fix the issue is to go back in and re-enable NTP

Harsha Sh (Samsung Agent)(02-18-2019 04:06:31 PM)
According to the above interaction, I see the range in your home shows LC or LE error code. Is that right?

User (02-18-2019 04:06:49 PM)
no LC is my name

Harsha Sh (Samsung Agent)(02-18-2019 04:07:11 PM)
Okay, does it show any error code?

Harsha Sh (Samsung Agent)(02-18-2019 04:07:36 PM)
I am sorry about the confusion.

User (02-18-2019 04:08:02 PM)
no there is no code associated with the issue. NTP (Network Time Protocol) is enabled on the device. At random intervals the oven’s controlling operating system shit’s itself and loses the setting to have NTP enabled.

Harsha Sh (Samsung Agent)(02-18-2019 04:10:06 PM)
To understand the issue clearly, is the oven’s time shifting automatically during operation?

User (02-18-2019 04:10:26 PM)

User (02-18-2019 04:10:46 PM)
although I’m not sure about your use of the word “automatically”
User (02-18-2019 04:11:07 PM)
the clock loses its accuracy.

Harsha Sh (Samsung Agent)(02-18-2019 04:12:41 PM)
Try power cycling the circuit breaker, reset it and wait for 30 seconds and turn it back on.

User (02-18-2019 04:13:11 PM)
we’ve done that. multiple times.

Harsha Sh (Samsung Agent)(02-18-2019 04:13:16 PM)
This will clear all the glitches interfering with the operation.

User (02-18-2019 04:13:21 PM)
it’s a problem with the operating system not the electrical

User (02-18-2019 04:13:56 PM)
I give up. After 30min trying to actually get though to support, being told to turn something off/on is asinine and I’m just so pissed off right now I’m going to end up being mean to you which isn’t fair.

User (02-18-2019 04:14:19 PM)
so I’m going to SS this and figure out a different strategy.

Harsha Sh (Samsung Agent)(02-18-2019 04:14:51 PM)
Yes, I understand.

Harsha Sh (Samsung Agent)(02-18-2019 04:15:31 PM)
Sometimes, the range may effect with the electrical glitches and cause the timer to shift.

User (02-18-2019 04:15:52 PM)
it’s losing a setting in the OS

Harsha Sh (Samsung Agent)(02-18-2019 04:16:02 PM)
To make sure that’s not a glitch with the electricity, we will need to restart the oven.

User (02-18-2019 04:16:37 PM)
I’VE DONE THAT MULTIPLE TIMES. The issue keeps happening. it’s been happening for the last year since we bought the bloody thing.

User (02-18-2019 04:17:36 PM)
I posted about it on our blog which made me think “maybe I should contact Samsung” so I tried to contact Samsung only it took me forever to wade through your systems. (The FB stuff is absolute shite.)

Harsha Sh (Samsung Agent)(02-18-2019 04:17:47 PM)
Help me with the model code of the oven. It usually starts with NV, you can find the model code on the interior rim of the oven.

User (02-18-2019 04:18:11 PM)

User (02-18-2019 04:18:30 PM)

Harsha Sh (Samsung Agent)(02-18-2019 04:18:37 PM)
I will take this as a feedback.

Harsha Sh (Samsung Agent)(02-18-2019 04:19:07 PM)
Thanks for the model code. Let’s troubleshoot and find out what’s causing it.

Harsha Sh (Samsung Agent)(02-18-2019 04:20:52 PM)
You tried resetting the oven already, it must be an internal issue that needs a service technician’s insight.

Harsha Sh (Samsung Agent)(02-18-2019 04:21:22 PM)
Could you tell me when did you purchase the product?

Harsha Sh (Samsung Agent)(02-18-2019 04:21:32 PM)

User (02-18-2019 04:22:52 PM)

Harsha Sh (Samsung Agent)(02-18-2019 04:24:02 PM)
As it’s out of warranty, the service will be charged. Would you like me to file a service ticket?

User (02-18-2019 04:24:13 PM)

User (02-18-2019 04:24:15 PM)

Chatbot (02-18-2019 04:24:48 PM)
We at Samsung Care are here for you 24/7.

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