Console Tables

(Sorry, no witty-punny sort of title came to mind for this post.)

Back in early 2019 I started scouring the inter webs for some tables for the foyer. A year or so earlier I got super lucky and found some nice metal console tables at an independent craft store but sadly that particular store closed when the landlord hiked up the rent. (boo!)

Above is a shot of the tables. One is a bit smaller and can nest inside the other and for a few months, they nested while I pondered and planned what would be done with the great room.

I decided to start by first finding two beefier tables for the foyer that would easily allow for some houseplants to sit on them and thus create a more formal look in that space.

Here are some pics of what the foyer looked like when the POs lived here. The first is from when they were trying to sell the house back in 2013 and the second is from when we looked at it prior to buying in 2015.

As you can see above, they really didn’t use the space for anything which is a shame as the light in there is lovely. We also know based upon the original floor plans (and from what the Doc said when he visited back in the fall of 2015) that there were originally large built in planters in the foyer under each skylight. The image below clearly has “plants” labeled on each side of the word Entrance which is smack dab in the middle.

When we moved in I took advantage of all the space and light and started using it house plants — many of which moved with us from San Francisco.

Another local craft store that has since gone bust (Hancock Fabrics) was the source of some cute benches for the space way back in 2016. (Man it’s weird that I refer to just four years ago as “way back.”)

Then in 2018 I started getting a bit serious with my ideas for the space and invested in some gorgeous Lechuza planters.

By early 2019 I was starting to envision how to make the foyer and great room function as one space, but since I was still a ways out from final paint color selections and scheduling in Huberto to assist, I started with something easy….finding some console tables for the foyer.

It took me a few days of searching and angsting over options, but in the end I ordered a couple of tables from They arrived a week later and I promptly assembled them.

I was pretty happy with there results, but it would another six more months before the space started to really come together.

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