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IMG_2450Our front foyer was sorely lacking a spot for people to sit to take off or put on their shoes.  This is an issue when we have visitors, aka contractors over.  A month or so ago when I was out shopping for fabric to make blinds for the guest room I came across this little bench at the craft store.

My parents were visiting us here at Purgatory so two weeks ago I went back to the craft store to pick out fabric to make a new dog bed for their dog.  When we were there I checked and they still had two of the little benches and they were on sale.

So I bought both of them and they now sit on either side of the front doors.  Here’s a shot of the foyer at night.  It’s quite cozy now.  The sealed floors are holding up well against water drops from the plants and fountain as well as the occasional bird dropping the boys leave when they walk through the house in search of Weetabix.


And as long as I’m posting about decor and our meager attempts to brighten the space….When we were moving out of the old house in San Francisco the lawyer whose office was in the tiny downstairs unit of the building was also moving out.  I lent him a hand finding people to take some of his unwanted furniture and taking other furniture to a charity shop (yeah for having a big pickup truck!)  One of the things he couldn’t easily find a home for a was a gorgeous framed print of Van Gogh’s Irises.  I pretty much jumped at the chance to take it off his hands as I had the perfect spot for it.

Here it is in our kitchen.  As noted in a post from way back we replaced the ugly red pendant lights and bought pretty blue braided rugs. Together the three sources of color really tie the space together, and as an added bonus, the POs had a TV (one of the ten, yes ten TVs were in this house) mounted where the picture now hangs.  As such there is an outlet and large hole for cables that are conveniently hidden by the picture.


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