Unifying with Circles

Carrying on from the last post and finally finished the super long tale of the redesigning “process” for the look and feel of great room…..The two big failures of the online outside design service I tried were that they failed to offer any sort of cohesive aesthetic nor did they take into account the potential for movement through the spaces.

Since the great room is just a giant cube with 16 giant rectangular windows not to mention square tiles in the lower section, plus square openings into the cavernous fireplace, and on top of all that, because of the way it’s constructed the walls are broken into square sections separated by the giant pillars that support the structure, so it really did feel like boxes within boxes within boxes. When I started imagining what to do with the space I decided to shy away from anything “square”. This included furniture, rugs and even the art we’ve added to the space. (And yes, sure the art is all in rectangular frames but the frames match the wood flooring and all the serigraphs and paintings have curves!)

I even created some snazzy circles with my Cricut that are painted with the same metallic blue on the walls. These spruce up the coat closet accordion doors. An arched metal plant stand that I’ve had since I lived in Ohio (purchased long ago from Pier One) frames one of the serigraphs and provides climbing space for plants. The metal console tables I found several years ago at a non-defunct craft store have circles along the bottom plus the set of circle trellises hung on the wall provide a space for air plants. I could go on and on…but you get the idea. The end result is a space has various areas of interest with the ability that now flows out to the foyer

Sure I still need to make curtains for the dining area and an ottoman for the sitting area, and there will eventually be a small set of shelves and console table in the dining area and a lamp or two downstairs, but the space is just about “done”.

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