Happy, Spartacus and Rusty

Those are the names of three of our Nearest Neighbor’s dogs.  They’re very friendly and often come to visit us, which since we don’t have dog of our own, is a very welcome thing.

Here a few pics of Happy.  He’s the only one that will stay still long enough to actually get a some-what focused shot.  Unfortunately he’s also usually filthy and you only want to pet him while wearing gloves.  It’s not his or his owner’s fault though:  he’s just one of those mop-like dogs.  One of his compatriots (Rusty) that is about the same size and shape but with a different coat type, traipses through the same weeds, mud and filth yet only Rusty’s dainty little feet get messy while Happy ends up a total mess.  Here are a few shots of Happy in his mop-state.



Our Nearest Neighbor recently gave Happy a hair cut to help him stay a bit tidier.  For now at least we don’t have to wear gloves to scratch his butt.

IMG_2514 IMG_2517

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