Of Mice and Mice

We are currently combating mice at Purgatory.  We have caught close to a dozen of these little guys in the last two months.  As you can see we use the humane traps as neither of us really like dealing with dead mice in the house.

Once we catch one though it’s out to the stables with it.  Then the little guys/girls have a slim chance of survival as they’re most likely going to become a snack for either the owls, feral cats or snakes.

Here are a collection of pics of some of the ones we’ve caught.

img_3400 img_3287 img_3312 img_3374

img_3276And then there are the stashes.  So far we have found stashes of the boys’ kibble in:

  • my sewing machine
  • a filing cabinet
  • a desk drawer
  • the couch in the blue room
  • Agent Smith’s motorcycle boots (twice)
  • behind some books
  • within a suitcase
  • under the shawl of my Roland (proof that I really should play more)

We do have a plan though.  As mentioned in a previous post, we recently had the ducts cleaned and the furnace tuned up.  The final step in that project group is to have the crawl space under the house cleaned and sealed.  I finally found a contractor I like that will do the work for us and that is scheduled to happen shortly.

If I weren’t allergic we’d have a cat to help us out with this issue. Typing of which I’m pleased to say we still see some of our ferals out and about–just last week I saw Momma Cat!

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