10 Reasons to never buy from Lumber Liquidators

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While I wrote an earlier post about getting hardwood flooring installed in two rooms, the saga took a few extra turns.

To be brief:  Lumber Liquidators (the Burlingham store) messed up our flooring order at every step of the way.

  1. Six weeks or so ago I started the process and gave them a rough estimate of the square footage.  A few days later the installer came out to finalize the actual dimensions and scope of work.
  2. Five weeks ago: They shipped me the original estimated amount instead of the amount the installer sent through to them.
  3. Four weeks ago: They had failed to ship out the moldings and vents.  Found that out when the installers (who did a decent job) were here installing the underlay and boards.
  4. When I drove the excess materials to the store to return them that weekend, the guy there rather grudgingly told me they wouldn’t charge me a restocking fee since I’d brought the excess in myself.
  5. Three weeks ago: I paid quite a bit extra to get the moldings shipped to me quickly so the floors could be finished in a timely manner.
  6. Two weeks and a bit ago: the moldings arrived, but they only sent the T-molding for the doors and not the quarter rounds for the walls.
  7. A week and a half ago: got a call from the Pleasanton store telling me my order was ready for pickup.  I was very much in a state of WTF at that point.
  8. One week ago: They finally sent out the quarter rounds, only they ended up in SF.  I found this out because a couple neighbors noticed the door tags on our old house in SF.  They took pics of them and sent those to me.  I looked up the numbers on Fedex’s site and based on the dimensions knew immediately that LL had sent the packages to the wrong address:  an address we had never actually given to them.
  9. I called LL and was very angry.  Was told their store manager would contact me when he was in, but of course he has yet to call.
  10. Thankfully, I called Fedex and explained things.  The nice woman I spoke with explained to me that Fedex received the package in SJ and had no clue what to do with it as it didn’t have a valid address (just our house number–nothing else–no street name), so they looked up my name in their DB and tried to deliver it to our old SF address.   They quickly rerouted the shipment, and yesterday the installers came and finished the job.

So in summary, I have no idea how so many things can go wrong with what should have been a very straight forward job.  We won’t be using that company again.

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