The writing process (failure)

Keeping up with the news/projects to post ratio is something that fails to happen as noted by the fact that I’m still over a year behind. Part of my process to craft posts detailing stuff that has happened is to go back through my Photos library and pull out images I think will be useful and stuff them into directories labeled with a basic two or three word summary. Things like “dumpsters”, “neighbors” or “great room.” Then when I have some free time (which is hard to come by) I sit down and try to organize the images into a post.

Occasionally I create such a pile of pics and then by the time I sit down to try to do something with them, I have completely forgotten what my original idea was. This is one such case. For whatever reason one day back in December of 2020, I walked around the house and took a bunch of shots of the exterior.

Not a lot has changed since then. The BMW in the driveway has gone away having donated its engine to the newest race car. The clutter outside my office has since been moved into the new shed. Both of these will get posted about sometime soon. But those and the new fence I wrote about a few posts back are really the only three major changes.

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