The boots were made for walking

IMG_2418Both Agent Smith and myself have invested in more serious footwear that can deal with large quantities of mud we will encounter this winter.

Last winter’s work managed to mark the end of life for the pair of boots I’d had for years (pictured above).  I’d worn them all over the world–from Europe to Australia and in between, but they’re pretty done in now.

IMG_3147I replaced them with these little guys from Bates.  While they look rather unsexy and unflattering, they are lightweight and they actually fit my mutantly small feet.

Agent Smith went for these sturdy boots below which have been most useful plus a pair from North Face.  Unfortunately the NF boots began to unravel shortly after first wearing them, but the company RMAd them and we will see how the new pair fares when the rains come.

Best of all my feet are so small and Agent Smith’s feet are so big that I can fit both of my feet into one of his shoes.


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