So much cleanup

Summer is finally winding down here, and as things cool off I’ve been taking the time to ever so slowly go through the heaps of digital assets that have accumulated in a folder marked “WIP” over the last twelve months.  Time lapse imagery of nesting owlets, trail cam footage, drone footage, and hundred of iPhone images and videos taken for posts that now need written.

A few offspring of my labors are already published:  various aerial images taken over the last 10 months with our drones give a sense of the slow progress we’ve been making here.  Images from a year after completing the wall, and then some in May and then in June of this year after we finished the house yard fence “renovations”.

So while we’re not publishing posts every other day like we have in the past, things are moving along and the colder season coupled with having sat down and actually organized and tagged the hundreds of image files for this site (not to mention all the photos housed over at means more content should be popping up.

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