The Lesser Wall of Purgatory: Part 2

Area where there was once a deck.

Carrying on from the last post, we needed a small retaining wall to help tidy up the area along the south edge of the pool. After the old deck was demolished back in 2016, we laid down a bit of drainage cloth to help keep the weeds at bay. Originally we thought we would contract with a a company to drill down and put in pilings to stabilize that section, but after we got the results of the soil studies and updated topographical maps it turns out we’ve only had about a half an inch of movement since the house was first built. Thus spending a small fortune on something that would essentially get us nothing was deemed not a useful expenditure.

Here’s what it looked like before we started the effort.

Thus when we started plotting out what to do with the garden areas surrounding the house we started thinking about what to do instead. We hit on either a small retaining wall (short enough no permit would be needed) or another deck-like structure. The retaining wall made more sense as then we could plant that area and soften the entire area as there is a huge amount of concrete surrounding the pool.

So, after several days significant form work was in place. Agent Smith and his dad got it sorted with a bit of help from some of our regular side-workers.

Then I got to arrange for a concrete truck to deliver a load to us as well as separate contractor to come up and pump the goo into the waiting form work.

A short video of the truck and pumper in action and then one of the boys handling the slurry.

Then after everything had settled and dried, the form work was removed and we have a mostly straight little wall. The whole process was pretty straight forward, but we weren’t done yet….

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