The Lesser Wall of Purgatory: Part 1

Back in 2016 we rebuilt the Great Wall of Purgatory. It was a very arduous project that took months. You can read the full tale starting here. Fast forward to more recently and we are finally getting ready to redo the landscaping surrounding the house. The drawings we have from our landscape architect called for a smaller wall along side the pool where there was once a manky deck.

Getting someone to build said wall was going to be an expensive undertaking. Initial quotes for a two and a half foot wall spanning the 85 feet or so were between 80 and 100 grand. Considering the Great Wall cost us far less to complete, we decided to be a bit creative.

So way back in the late summer of 2019 (yep that’s right I’m still 2 years behind on posting about some things) while Agent Smith’s dad was enjoying is annual visit to Purgatory, we learned how to do form work. And a bit about how not to do form work.

As it happened Stega’s parents were also visiting and her father decided to document the form work that was built. So here, to conclude this introduction are the images he took.

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