The Lesser Wall of Purgatory: Part 3

Once the concrete was cured we had a wall, but just a wall. The area between it and the pool coping was still rather unfinished. The drainage cloth had been removed but the bit of excavation work had made the area rather choppy.

Agent Smith addressed this issue using Dino.

Dino compacted things fairly smooth with a bit of a grade. Once that was done we put down a bit of plastic to help with the drainage and then covered that with proper drainage rock.

Dumpy McDump Face came in very handy for this part of the project as Agent Smith was able to drive lopsided along the new wall.

Here’s a compilation of some of that work.

Once the gravel was in place it was time to cover everything with a few inches of soil. Once again we used Dumpy to make the process easier.

Here are some final pics of the finished area (well finished until we start the landscaping project) from the roof of the south wing of the house.

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