The Wall Saga: Left Turn to Albuquerque

This is why I was extremely happy when I got both Apple and Google Maps to update their data for our property.  As mentioned a few times here, our house has two addresses.  A county address that predates the actual road you use to get to our property–this road we often call the “low” road as it is about 200 feet in elevation below us.  It’s accessible via the south pasture, but only goats and four wheel drive vehicles can manage that route.  Then our postal address is off the “high” road which the Doc who built our house also built with his giant bulldozing tractor.  Some of the inclines are quite steep and large trucks with automatic transmissions often have issues.  This road is where our property is actually accessible, but both Apple and Google considered the two addresses completely separate and thus until recently there was often confusion as people trying to reach us regularly missed our driveway and ended up a half mile up the hill where they would become very scared since the road narrows considerably and the incline is not for the faint of heart.

When the wall project was ongoing, I gave the folks at Granite Rock very detailed instructions so that this would not happen, yet it did….twice.  The first time time resulted in the great unloading incident. The drive in this video was a bit more adept though and he made it down and in just fine.

I’m just very thankful that back in February, the mapping issues were resolved in our favor.

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