Time Extended!

It seems stickers were not enough of an enticement and we’ve had just a smattering of entries into our first ever contest, thus we’re going to up the stakes and the winner will receive not just stickers, but a genuine Purgatory Auto Works and Dinosaur Farm baseball cap OR tote bag (along with some stickers and window clings.) These items will not be available on our forthcoming CafePress “store” as they’re special order items that we’ve picked up in limited quantities.

Thus we’re extending the deadline until we get at least dozen or more entries.

So to enter make your guess as to how many gallons of water it took to fill the pool and how many water truck loads that entailed.

Once again the rules:

To enter either post in the FB comment on Stega’s FB posts about this, email us directly at contest@purgatory.org or you can join our very very new Discord channel @ https://discord.gg/Qy7RsnJ (we’re beta testing that as well as some live streaming stuff.)

You are not permitted to enter if I told you this information (sorry you five people who already know–also if you do know please don’t clue anyone in.)

Don’t worry if you already submitted a guess: one entry so far was relatively close, so that person may walk off with an even better prize than they anticipated!


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