The Feathered Dinosaurs (that eat things they should not)

Living with parrots means things that should not be eaten are often eaten. Eventually you get used to making sure you don’t leave stuff laying about in plain sight of noming beaks.

This is especially true with power cords and shoes as for some reason they like to chew on both these things.

Case in point, I really like having a pair of slip on garden shoes at the sliding glass doors to the outside near my office. Tenar however really likes shredding spongy plastic. Since moving here I’ve had to replace about four pairs of shoes. Most recently I picked up a pair of sloggers which are not spongy and I’m hoping this curtails his interest. Even more annoying is when he takes on a power cord. One of his most recent victims was the cord for the UPS that handles my office iMac. That required a bit of surgery to repair.

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