Our First Christmas at Purgatory

It was a very quiet day here at Purgatory as Agent Smith is still suffering from a nasty bug. Never-the-less we had our first Christmas morning here, and while neither of us are huge Christmas zealots, it was quite fun.

Agent Smith has no Christmas decorations to speak of and my meager assortment are mostly childhood stuffed animals that I tarted up with ribbon, tinsel and other embellishments.  As you can see in the pic below, this does not amount to a plethora of decorations, yet each item has specific meaning.  From the bear I won via a cereal box game at a grade school faire to the cute little West Highland Terrier a childhood friend gave me before moving….every thing on the mantle is meaningful.  And as for our “tree” it’s a simple ornament hanger with various birds ornaments that were on sale at Target my first year out of college.


All of Agent Smith’s gifts were items to assist in the making of soft boiled eggs so that we can enjoy them with some toast soldiers.  This afternoon we then made some some and they were yummy.  A huge thank you to America’s Test Kitchen for their Season 1 recipe/how-to for soft boiled eggs.  (Available on Netflix.)  I had actually never had a soft boiled egg until today and now I may have developed a small addiction.

IMG_2434 IMG_2436

Oh and the apron I customized by sewing on some of AS’s 24 Hours of Lemons patches.  And yes, we now realize that by wrapping the ribbon around his neck, Agent Smith looks more like Father Smith.

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