Changes in the Pantry

When we moved in, the shelving in the pantry did not thrill us.  The bit where if you put something just slightly too heavy on one end of a shelf it would cause the shelf to see saw and flip things sitting on the other end up into the air–or worse on to the floor–did not make us happy.  In addition there was no way to make sure that if we should have an earthquake, everything on the shelves would not crash on to the floor of the pantry.

This is what one corner looked like:


So after some research we bought a bunch of stuff from  The new shelves, while technically 2 inches deeper, have the advantage of not wasting space as unlike the old shelves they sit flush to the walls.  They also keep things safe thanks to the very sturdy guard rails you can add to them.  Here’s a shot of the same pantry corner with the new shelves.


Needless to say, while a small project compared to many of the other things we’ve tackled here, it makes us very happy.  And for those that wonder, yes I use a small step stool to reach things on the upper shelf.

Here’s a short movie: (IMG_0799) that Agent Smith shot right after he finished installing things.  (Once he recovers from the current plague that has infected his body we’ll bolt the new shelves to the walls.)

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