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I did some research online as we have teak parquet flooring throughout half of the house. It is original to the house and it was looking pretty beat up after the POs moved out.

Here’s a shot of the linen hallway before I did anything.

I tried out the Bona cleaner with their vibrating mop/microfiber pad in the linen hallway and the results were pretty good. I then used Rejuvenate’s high gloss polish (with their microfiber bonnet) and the results were stunning. Here an after pic.

I then did all the flooring this way and it all looks very nice now.  Was a much better alternative to having them professionally cleaned and polished, and while I still have two areas that need some damage repair, the floors are beautiful once again.

Added bonus, Bona sells a tile and stone cleaner solution I can use with their vibrating mop.  I’ve tried out Swiffers (we had a spare one left by our house keeper in SF) on the kitchen floor with poor results and I tried a squeezable sponge mop with only slightly better results, so I’m looking forward to testing out this third option this week.  The tiles in our kitchen are very light grey and while we are now pretty much a no-shoes-in-the-house setup, if you have any dirt on your feet a smudge is sure to appear on the kitchen floor.  I’m still waiting for the lovely rugs I ordered for the kitchen, so I end up having to clean that floor every few days else my OCD goes crazy due to all the dirt marks.

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