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We’ve had a few people ask if we still have the feral cats here at Purgatory.  While we have had few sightings compared to in the early spring, we do see Momma and the still-needs-to-be-trapped-and-named-tabby.  It’s been quite warm here during the days and the sun can be quite brutal.  Thus we have setup a make-shift water dish for both cats and birds.  Here’s a shot taken from the windows at kitchen sink.  Momma is more than happy to make use of the free and clean water.


The pot holding the water and another like it have been repurposed for use outdoors as since we do not have natural gas/propane at Purgatory our stove top is electric and many of our old pots and pans are no longer suitable for use with it.  Its very flat surface means a lot of wobbling happens should we try to use our old Reverware stuff and as such we’ve had to buy a few new pots that are stainless steel with insulated bottoms that won’t jiggle when we cook with them.

IMG_3220We haven’t seen the tomcats, but we amusingly got a card for Lucy the other day.  He apparently got put into their domestic system….


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