So…we moved and so did the boys

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We are now living full time at Purgatory. Almost three weeks ago the movers showed up and carted almost all our boxes and furniture down here. I then went back up the following day to work with our regular house cleaner to tidy up.

Because the floors were due to be installed Friday, the boys had to spend a few days in the rather dark guest room.  They were not amused, but on Sunday I rolled their cages through the house and into their new space.  They have windows facing east and west with plenty to see, and while there are no beeping busses or car alarms to perk their interest, there are lot of birds and small critters to occasionally distract them.

Thy in particular has become a Very Brave Bird.  If Agent Smith isn’t up early enough for his liking, Thy has taken to staking out the glass paned french doors that separate the north wing from the rest of the house.

What’s probably more amazing is that so far, they have contained their destructive energies.  I do keep a close eye on them, but there has been no carpet munching. Best of all, they’ve left the temporary network cable alone.

Of course having typed that, we will soon find it nommed upon.

I’m still trying to get posts from Purgatory to show on our respective FB pages…so let’s see what happens when I hit publish this time.

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