Stega’s Aborted Vacation

So there I was in mid-March of 2020, all set to take a much needed vacation. I packed my bags and flew off to Little Cayman for what was to be almost three weeks of diving.

Sadly that excursion was cut drastically short and I was back home just a few days later as a few days after I had settled in the Cayman’s closed up shop and basically booted out all tourists due to the pandemic.


Silly me actually left something behind in my room that I actually use — the charger for my big camera’s batteries. Thankfully the resort gave it to another guest who left after I did and they posted it to me.

The good news is that eventually … hopefully …. I’ll be able to resume the aborted trip. Still it was quite a depressing turn of events.

But hey….I’m up to writing about stuff that happened just over a year ago, so that’s progress. I’m no longer 2+ years behind!

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