So Many Websites

Back in the day there was just one website,   Back then it was just my personal site with a bunch of other domains rolling into it.

My how things have changed.

Now there’s not just which was revamped to chronicle life here at the ranch, but then was splintered off to be my personal website.  After a couple years though, all I was really posting there were pictures of the wildlife here at the ranch.  So a few months ago I splintered off to host pictures not taken here as well as the occasional personal blog post.  Then there are a handful of other sites such as one for all things related to our road and a few that are established but dormant centered on voice over work.

The sprawl has continued with Facebook pages for both and, a Pinterest board for many of the images posted on, and an Instagram for super current snapshots of life here.  Plus my Twitter account is occasionally in use. (Links to most of these external sites are in top nav bar.)

Now we have two new things to announce and manage: first a spiffy new Instagram feed featuring just Tenar and Thy, and second, since we actually do employ people, our very own LinkedIn company page.

So there you have what I spent a good part of this evening sorting through and tidying up.  Now it’s back to writing and proofing the next round of stories that should start appearing here this week.

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