Bonus Post: Bird Herding

We have several tools that we employ to help us herd the boys when they wander into parts of the house where they really shouldn’t remain unsupervised.

Since Tenar has a fetish for Agent Smith’s feet, we often employ the fearsome laundry basket containment system to curtail his demonic tendencies. Then when either or both of them refuse to step up onto my hand to be carried back to their room, or at least out of our bedroom closet area, we use the dreaded truck herding method.  As mentioned last week, the later role had for many years been filled by a small blue remote control truck, but recently we replaced the blue truck with a newer unit which has one great advantage over its predecessor.  It has working headlights.  Perfect for searching out Thy when he decides to hide under our bed.

So here’s a video of both tools in use.


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