Purple ….

IMG_2424It’s been rainy some days since it is after all winter here in Purgatory, so I have a second project starting that is completely indoors:  repainting a room.  Not just any room, but the horrible purple bedroom.

Here are a couple of shots of just how purple it is…

IMG_2423I’m trying out the Sherwin Williams paint app.  With it, I could take pics of the room and then paint it with their palette of colors.  The app tries to maintain the original shading/lighting captured by the image used, so it will be interesting to see the results and compare them to the projected look.  We chose a light steel blue and the trim will be a darker blue.

Before we can begin painting though we have much work to do.  All the cabinet doors and drawers of the built in need removing and all the electrical faceplates had to be pulled off, plus two, yes two, phone jacks need patched over while a plethora of screw and nail holes need spackled over.  Then of course I will have to wash and prep the walls before putting on a coat of primer and then finally painting the trim and then the walls themselves.

I want to get all of this done sooner rather than later as I’ve already ordered a nice pull out sofa for the room.  It’s sort of like the one below except it will be blue with grey piping and the arms will be taller and it will be longer…but…well…I’ll just take a pic of real couch when it arrives….

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 9.29.41 AM

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