Forgot nugget of PO Craptasm

I’ve been doing some cleanup as a lot of times we upload images for a post and then forget about them.  I try to clean these images out every few months to keep the backend DB a bit tidier.

Some images get deleted and some get posted.

This image though is just such a stellar example of the craptastic maintenance job done by the previous owner that it deserves its very own post.


Explanation:  a few months back we had new lights installed in the pool (and the breaker box moved and real breakers put in it.)  What you see here is a very very corroded pool light bulb (the object on the left) removed from the housing (on the right).  The reason it is so corroded is because the PO replaced the bulbs but then didn’t spend the few extra dollars to replace the housing seal.  So not only were the lights a safety hazard, they didn’t live very long.


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