Eating things one should not: Power Cords

Continuing the them of the preceding post, living with two large parrots means sometimes things get eaten….

Shoes are a frequent target. I have a pair of Crocs by the sliding glass doors in the north hallway. They’re the third pair I’ve had since moving in as eventually the boys nibble away enough of them that they’re no longer sound. Thankfully they do not, unlike cardboard, ingest the bits. Then there’s the fancy new 2lb hammer Agent Smith bought me that Tenar decided needed to be shaved.

Doors are a frequent target as was the edge of the vinyl flooring in their space. We’ve managed to discourage both habits thanks to a bit of vigilance and, in the case of the vinyl, a metal carpet strip.

A few weeks ago though, Tenar decided to munch on something unusual. A power cord. Not just any cord though, the one for my computer’s UPS. Thankfully I realized what he was doing before he fried himself, still it was a close call and required Agent Smith dismantling the UPS to install a new cord which was then sheathed in a nylon casing to prevent future bitings.

Thy tends to not target power cords with his beak: I think this is due to a an incident he experienced at a very young age involving an electric air filter….

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