Fast Kitchen Makeovers: Part 2

The last post covered the simple fan controller changes we did in the kitchen, which got me thinking about the powers of Amazon and the Interwebs in general.

We’re not particularly fond of the color scheme in the kitchen. Brown cabinets with brown tiles and grey and brown counters is pretty “meh”. So I started to look at easy ways to brighten things up.

First, I started looking for ways to revamp the existing tile by using some adhesive tiles, like I used a while back to make a backsplash for the dish rack in the kitchen.

Unfortunately, the tiles I wanted to modify are not a standard size. Go figure. Here’s a shot of the tiles. The ones I was interested in modifying are the darker brown diamonds.

Those brown diamond tiles weren’t the prettiest things in the world and looked pretty drab. Here’s a closeup and, as you can see, they were basically the color of rust.

After failing to find any sticky tiles, I hit on the idea of buying some chalk paint. That turned out to be a superb idea! One $4 container of paint, some fine steel wool and a few hours of my time, and suddenly the kitchen was subtly transformed.

And, finally, during and after shots.

All in all, a great freshening up of the space, and without spending a small fortune just because we don’t care for the color!

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