Another Time Lapse Video

I’m a tad behind on writing stories for the site, but the time lapse stuff has been a fun diversion from the daily chores and project wrangling.

This past weekend I retired the Brinno camera I setup at the start of the summer as a new snazzier TL option was purchased and will make its debut soon. The Brinno had a tendency to create avi files with a few dropped frames which meant I would have to much about converting the movies using VLC before building things out for publishing. The new unit not only automates movie creation, but also doesn’t require frequent battery swaps and has a huge angle of view.

Thanks to a a skillful and crafty use of some plastic, the new unit also shouldn’t suffer from birds sitting on it and fuzzing up the lenses with their poop…unlike in this video showing this summer in super quick time lapse….

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