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Yesterday we spent a bit of time exploring the new house.  It is quite strange being there on our own as we try to settle our brains around the fact that is now our’s.  We did have great fun opening cabinets and closet doors.  We discovered the previous owners left us a few things like soup and mixing bowls, but the highlight of the visit was dipping into our new swimming pool which is large and deep.  I will be purchasing some nylon rope and some weights so that I will have a temporary line at the bottom, as Friday I plan on taking my swim gear down and enjoying my first proper swim.

Today I was supposed to meet up with contractors, but of course none of them showed up.  One of them forgot, one tried to reschedule fifteen minutes before our set time, and one just flaked.  This taught me to confirm all appointments the day before.

It was still a productive trip as a friend who works in law enforcement went down with me, and he really enjoyed exploring the place and offering commentary.  I took the time to go through the pile of papers the previous owners left and making some sense out of much of it.   I also took the golf cart for a ride down the driveway (which is close to 300 meters long!) and I realized the large pile of garbage at the end was left by the former owners. Thankfully a quick call to the garbage service assured me it will all get picked up Thursday.

So, while my list of things is growing and seems never-ending, it’s not quite as scary as it was yesterday. I feel happy enough I typed all this while getting a much needed pedicure.  That is one thing I will miss: being able to just pop around out the door for a gallon of milk or a bit of foot pampering.

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