The fun things to drive at Purgatory

In addition to the race cars, project car and utility vehicles, we have the daily drivers, our less sensible but oh so fun vehicles.   Here’s a shot of Agent Smith’s daily ride right before it got washed one evening.  You can see my scooter in the shot too.  Sadly the scooter doesn’t get out as often as it did when we lived in SF, but it is still quite useful and very, oh so very fun on the roads out here.


We also have the Aprilia Futura.  For those unaware of Aprilia is an Italian motorbike manufacturer– think Ducati but more reliable.  Agent Smith and I had our first real date on this bike, as went to Cycle Gear in SF where he purchased a helmet for me and then we packed a picnic and rode up to the Marin Headlands.  The goal this summer and fall is to ride it more often now that things are settling down here at the ranch. Although first one of the pedals needs repairing as one day last month while commuting to work on it, Agent Smith was waiting at the metering lights and some very stupid woman knocked into him with her car.IMG_3162

IMG_3161And then there is my baby, aka a unicorn.  I bought a cover for it as even when parked in the garage, the dust here is so pervasive, a fine coating of the stuff ends up on it.

Just 121 Steel Grey M Coupes were made, and  I love mine so much I am willing to take a selfie with it.  It’s such a little monster but oh so fun.  A totally different beastie compared to the Carrera which is actually quite civilized if a bit too exuberant at times.


So there you have it, all the vehicles we have….for now.  There is talk of buying an excavator and there is the dream of buying an Alfa 4C, although getting the latter up and down our roads would not be do-able and in the end a Bobcat might be more useful than the former.

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