Blue Room Refresh: Part 2

Continuing on from Monday’s post, back in early February of 2019 we ordered a Murphy bed from and it arrived at the end of the month. I left for an almost-month-long vacation at the end of March and Agent Smith was left home alone to manage things.

While I was gone, not only did he handle the pool leak repair, but he made headway on a lot of other projects here at the ranch. He also took advantage of a friend visiting the Bay Area (and staying at Purgatory) to spend a day and a bit getting the new Murphy bed assembled.

The instructions were fairly straight forward, and while he wasn’t super keen about the small gap at the bottom, as it’s not a perfect fit alongside the existing molding, but that really is the only fault to be found with the entire assembled unit.

Here are images comparing the rendered design with what we ended up with.

We got exactly what we paid for, and for those wondering the vendor was running a sale when we ordered and so with shipping/delivery with a lift gate, this was soooo much cheaper than any other option I’d investigated for this space.

Here are some images of the space when the bed is folded down for use. As you can see, there are lights built into to the area above the head board.

And then pics of the space with the bed out of the way.

Once the bed was assembled and installed, and I returned home from my long vacation, it was time to decorate. I didn’t have to buy much for the room. The desk lamp was repurposed from my office and the afghan was made by mother years ago. The Monet print above the desk in the above shots now actually hangs above the bed and is only visible when the bed is out for use. The shelves were filled with some items formerly kept in the north hall, a number of interesting books plus some framed images of birds that I took while visiting family in Florida. (You can see these and more over at Plus where the Monet once hung, I put up a print I’ve had since I lived in the UK — after having it properly framed finally.

The only specific purchase for the room were some pretty sun catchers from Amazon (here and here,) and then I moved a small metal bird sculpture I thought would live in the great room into the blue room to sit on the middle window sill.

Eventually I want to find a small corner table for the far corner, but for now my old rolling laptop stand fills the space along with a spare kitchen chair.

This room also now provides a home for our snazzy new scale. It’s great for making sure my dive bag or other luggage is under the weight limit, or for weighing parcels that need to be posted.

Finally a project for a rainy day is making a better display for the childhood knick-knacks that currently sit in the glass cabinet that dates back to when the house was built and according to the Doc who built the place, was originally used to hold the trophies and ribbons his daughter won for her equestrian efforts.

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