Light under the house….

Back when we did the re-insulation project in the crawlspace we knew we wanted to do a bit more. The space, now cleared of the huge ducts from the old furnace, is quite roomy. We knew from the north-side plumbing project that there was still quite a bit of garbage down there, and we also came across the casting from a small snake and the remains of long-dead rodent. (Probably the one that didn’t die in a snap trap and then left a lingering dead smell that permeated the house, but I discovered that making French Onion Soup is a great way to deal with such smells.)

So one extra project Agent Smith got done while I was off on vacation two years ago, (and the same time most of the holes in the floor were filled in with concrete.) was to install lighting under the house — throughout the crawlspace.

Fast forward to today or rather tonight as I write this, and a short digression. I’ve been stalled out on posts for the last few months mainly because of this post. I wanted pics to include showing off what things look like down there….only the whole COVID-muckyness which affects everyone affected me in terms of getting posts written for this site. I’ve been great about staying on top of current projects, focussing on day to day chores and tasks here at the ranch and making various art projects, but I’ve sucked when it comes to writing. I just have not had the energy and having the excuse of not having good pics of the crawlspace was a good crutch. Then this past Wednesday my favorite plumbers (Able Septic and Sewer) came out to fix an issue I’ll write about later and since they needed access under the house, I used the opportunity to pop down under as well.

And thus here are pics of how lovely things are now in the bowels.

As you can see, the lights Agent Smith installed provide light to just about every area under the house — all the way from the primary crawlspace access point in the guest room to just under where the doorway of my office is on the north side of the house.

Having lights that we can just turn on with a single switch before popping down into the space is a gigantic improvement. And while at some point I need to collect the various rodent traps down there and a few bits of wires, all in all the space is unrecognizable from when I first poked my head down the hatch.

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