Under the House

After the furnace work was completed I took a lot of pics and videos of what is under the interior of the house. We were worried about the foundation, so I had a guy in to look at things and he was very upfront and said that for a house as old (remember this is California) as our’s, things looked great. We do have one or two small areas to address, but for the most part, we’re in great shape.

So here’s the video I put together followed by some other images.

Since this video was assembled we have removed those old boards once used for safely belly-crawling across the old duct work, and Able Septic pulled out all the old bits of pipe, as the images/video were taken while they were also under the house working to redo the drain pipes on the south side. We’ve also since sealed up the old supply and return ducts and we’ve reinsulated. The later of which meant removing all the chicken wire you see, but more on that later. Finally, we installed lighting. That’s right, should you venture under the house now, no need to wave a flash light around.

The above images are what it used to look like under the house. So, yes, things have definitely improved down there.

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