Spring is the time for nesting

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Once back from my vacation I was delighted to move back into my office. I wrote about the new wall colors in November of last year even though the project actually happened in March.

It seemed reorganizing my work space inspired me many ways last spring, as I did a bit of furniture shopping and a bit of crafting.

Here, in no particular order are some of the results. (And yes this is a post full of random bits that while they do not merit a post of their own are of minor interest as a group.)

One of my favorite craft stores (Beverly’s — a Northern California chain) was closing their San Jose store and I picked up a couple of console tables for very little money. Purchasing them kicked off of the Great Room Redesign Project that is currently wrapping up here at Purgatory. More on that later I promise. I also got some silk flowers that day and I had a pitcher I bought to use to make sun tea, only being exposed to the sun a few times made the plastic handle fall off — I now use a nice glass pitcher for my outside brewing needs. The pitcher without a handle was still quite pleasing to the eye so I shoved the flowers into it, and put it and a small wooden sandpiper that once belong to a beloved great-uncle on the table.

The smaller table was eventually relocated into the great room proper, but here’s a teaser shot of the table at the time of the writing of this post.

You probably notice that the floor is different and the molding is different and the wall is different….well yeah. I’ve been a very busy Stega and more all about all of that soon. I promise.

Here’s a question for you, what does one do with an old rubber made bin that once sat outside under the steps that led to the upper garden at our hold house on Potrero hill? The answer is, dig up burlap, some eyelets and sisal and make it into a basket for pool towels. It’s not beautiful but it will do for now.

I should mention that one of favorite online retailers is Gardeners.com. They sell stuff for…gardens. Go figure. Many of the things in the north garden came from them as well as quite a few things in the house — like these small planters that work well for small succulents.

Above is a shot of what I mean. Regular readers are now wondering “is that the chimney in the great room?” Yes, it is. Thus this is really just another teaser about the great room.

The circular wall shelf I discovered at World Market of all places. When I saw it I knew it would look awesome in the room.

One last shopping purchase worth mentioning is a gorgeous metal mobile I found on Etsy. (ExpandLifeMetalArt is the artist’s shop.) It hangs in my office.

We have mobiles in just about every room it seems….perhaps I should eventually do a post about that, but not any time soon as I’m still a year behind!

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