Two Year Update

A day before we closed escrow on Purgatory, we had drafted this list of all the times we needed to get done.

Here it is updated:

Roof–New Foam
Well Tank–Replace
Septic Tank–Replace (Permit required!)
Plumbing–Kitchen sink pipe
Driveway–Repair and seal  –twice in fact!

At a later date:
Furnace–Replace –on hold as diesel is cheap
Electrical–New Panel
Irrigation–Plot out what is where and address issues.–ongoing
Fences–Replace/Repair all we’ve moved on to the house yard fence though.
Retaining Wall–Replace existing 300ft long wall (Permit required!)
Garage Drainage–build small wall
Patios and Exterior–part of retaining wall project –now part of new landscaping project currently underway
Fascia–part of retaining wall project
Siding–New –on hold.
Large Barn–demolish (Permit required!) –then again maybe not
Kennel –demolish roof
Dining Room Floor–repair damage –maybe if we had furniture and used the space

So not bad for two years!

Of course this list doesn’t also include:
Replacing the hot tub
Replacing the main electrical panel
Replacing the pool electrical and lights
Resurfacing the pool and getting rid of the diving board
Getting rid of the old dog kennel and horse structure
Refencing the perimeter
Cleaning out the trash heap
Removing all the horrible decks
Two hundred small projects too numerous to mention.

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