Call me Ishmael

At the close of last year The Whale was sold off. A new LeMons team just starting off purchased it and while it was sad to see it leave the garage, it had been collecting quite a bit of dust since The Bus made its debut last spring.  Still, The Whale was one of the first residents in our garage and it’s spot is now taken up by the little 914 that has been midway through a carburetor to fuel injection conversion since we live in San Francisco.  That project, like many other things we’d really like to do simply has to wait a bit longer.

The good news though is that the giant list of items to address that I culled from the initial inspection report when we were in escrow is almost exhausted.  We still have a few items to work on and we’ve added in a lot of new things, but we have made significant progress in the last twenty months and the place is starting to feel like its really our’s.

Here’s a video of The Whale sailing out the driveway.

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