Being Creative with a Fireplace

When we were in escrow we had the chimney inspected as part of all the other inspections (well, septic, house, etc) and the inspectors told us it was perfectly serviceable but if we were to have a fire we would need to use aged logs as the fireplace is so big and the chimney so tall that any fire would need to be very hot. Here’s a shot of what things looked like when we the previous owners were trying to sell the place.

Fast forward to last year and I decided to make some changes. Since we had decided we were not interested in using the fireplace to have a fire I came up with a novel new use for it.

First I started by removing the logs and kindling that had been staged by the previous owners. Then I removed the grate and put it out in the stables. I also removed all three sets of mesh screens. Then I scrubbed down the inside of the fireplace with soap and water. Once it was dry I filled it with…plants.

I was super crafty and painted strips of vinyl with the same dark blue-silver metallic paint that is on the walls. I’m pretty happy with the end result and now I have a gorgeous three-side built-in terrarium. Not only does it brighten the room and help tie the three spaces together, but the plants like it too.

Here are some recent pics of it.

And one last set of images to really highlight this great if subtle change. Look how much lovely light shines through and how that greenery helps tie the spaces together. Such a better use of a fireplace than burning

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