The Site is Now Open for Comments

When we first started writing about all the stuff here, we kept comments disabled as the idea of moderating a ton of spam wasn’t something we, well really I, was willing to do. We use a plugin to post new stories to our FB page and occasionally get comments that way, but let’s be honest, FB kind of sucks, especially when most people rely upon the stock algorithms and thus deal with adverts and only see what the FB thinks they should see. Now that we are approaching our 500th post, I figured it might be interesting to allow others, especially regular readers to post their thoughts here. As such, I’ve issued a few SQL commands to open the floodgates and for now at least, commenting is open.

If you joined our little party midway and haven’t read all the stories why not use this as an opportunity to start at the beginning. If you have read all the stories over the years and are sheltering in place and tired of binge watching whatever the current fad show is, why not reread our tales of weeds and woes? Then leave some comments so I can fine tune things….I’m sure there will be some fine tuning, as right now the setup is pretty much just “out of the box.”

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