Neighbors up here…

Living on the outskirts of civilization means we have neighbors and some of those neighbors have large animals–cows, goats, sheep, llamas, the asthmatic donkey and of course, horses.

Last night horses from down the hill managed to escape from their fenced in area and ended up on our property.  Two people appeared at dusk on horseback and rode down our driveway.  One of them, named Luis, let  Agent Smith know they were there to get their horses–we hadn’t actually noticed them as the rogue horses were out near the south pasture.

Well Luis’s horse then left us a present.


Now I’m not sure of the etiquette, but crapping on your neighbor’s driveway is definitely a new one for me.  These shots were taken this morning and to make the matter even more disgusting, when I went out to take a picture of the poop another neighbor’s dogs (who are very friendly) saw me out and came running to greet me.  (You can see them as blurry bits out in the upper left corner of the image above–one is brown and the other is black and white.)

Well one of those dogs, I will refrain from saying which one to protect his…whatever….then proceeded to eat the poop.

And that was another morning in Purgatory….



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