Purple Update

When the weather isn’t so great and working outside is not feasible, I’ve been slowly prepping the purple bedroom so it can be repainted.  All the holes, and there were lots of them as the POs didn’t spackle when they had the room painted purple, have been speckled, sanded and tidied.


In addition, I’ve plugged up two gaping holes, otherwise known as phone jacks of uselessness.  Every room in this house has at least 2 separate phone jacks, sometimes more.  Why?  We have no clue.


There is also a growth chart.  It documents the PO’s daughter’s height but it’s about to get painted over.

IMG_2476 IMG_2475

I now have everything ready and just need to tape down the drop clothes soon the walls will actually get painted…finally.  It will be so nice not to have hideous purple walls in that room.

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