Bringing Outside In

One of the perks of having so many windows is that my desk sits right next to a few large ones. When working at my computer I have a clear view of the north garden.

A space that was original devoid of life is now a gorgeous spot where birds, tree squirrels, hares and many other things live and visit.

As detailed a while back, when working at my computer I often take pictures of all the things that visit the garden and I have an entire website ( where the best images are posted (fast approaching 3000 images from the last four years.). Plus I printed off a few of my favorite shots as I have a spiffy Canon Pixma Pro.

A couple of the framed images went into the guest room once it was repainted. And the others now hang in the north hall. I liked the idea of adding pictures so much that I then bought two more frames for the north hall and found two others for the guest bathroom.

I figured that was enough native Purgatory species, so in the blue room I took some small frames I found in the clearance aisle at Michaels and printed off some images of seabirds, as while is where I publish all the wildlife photos from here, I have yet another website ( where images I take in other places get posted.

Regular readers may be confused about the above shot: but don’t worry. That really is the blue room. We made some changes to it a few months ago, but I’ll cover that in a future post.

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