Will it….rot?

IMG_2357Now that the great and all mighty trash heap has been cleaned out, (although it was not named Marjory nor did it have two odd creatures named Philo and Grunge sitting near it) we have several things to sort out so that we won’t end up making our own heap.

Since there are lots of varmints out this way if we want to do any sort of kitchen composting, we need something they can’t get into.  Enter our new arrival–a rugged Jora 125--which arrived Saturday.
Some assembly was required, but Agent Smith and I managed to get it put together pretty quickly.  We will move it out by the stables in the next few days. Here’s a look inside.IMG_2358
Kitchen waste is just a small portion of our “waste” though, as we have large amounts of leaves, branches, logs and other plant matter to deal with on a regular basis.  The standard garden waste bin won’t quite cut it especially when the mulberry tress are pollarded.

So now in addition to the industrial grade composter, we a Bear Cat S 3306 chipper.  This rather badly lit shot of it in the garage gives you a basic idea of it’s size and shape.


imageIt will be quite useful in reducing future bits and pieces into even smaller bits and pieces.

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