Finishing Touches in the North Hallway

Once the north hallway was painted and everything put back in place I worked with a consultant from to find a solution to the screen off the boys’ space at night.  When we first moved in I re-used the drapes we had in place across the French doors that opened out into the back yard of the house in SF, but once the hallway area was painted I wanted something that stood out and really separated the boys’ space from the rest of the hallway.

I ended up picking out pinch pleat style drapes with two panels in a floral design and a second panel to go between them in green with a gigantic 10′ valance to match.  It took a few weeks after placing the order, but eventually everything arrived and Thanksgiving Day Agent Smith and I got everything installed.

We’re really happy with the results.  Here’s a shot of the drapes closed.  In this position the boys now let us sleep past 7:30am on weekend mornings.

And here are two shots of the drapes open.

Here is the space at night.  The air filter and small table are now on the right side of the room partially hidden by the drapes.

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