Ottoman Empire and the Comfy Chair

A few months ago I created a bit of furniture to go with the chair I had reupholstered.

First the story of the chair though. Long ago, when I lived in San Bruno I found a small armchair at a local thrift store for a whopping $25. Over the years it has seen pretty constant use and eventually it became my breakfast with the boys chair.

Here’s some shots of the chair over the years and then a few recent ones of it in the north hall.

The chair was starting to show its age so since moving here I started shopping for a new one. I looked at soooo many armchairs.

The problem was that none of the chairs was just right….

So I decided to have the chair I already had and I liked so much revamped. Found a place down in the valley and took them my chair and some fabric I had originally intended to use to make dining room curtains.

Here are some shots the shop took when they were getting the chair ready: turns out the reason it is so lightweight is because it’s made from just some bits of wood and some large sturdy styrofoam blocks, all of which are covered by foam padding and then fabric.

A couple of weeks later my tired chair had been transformed.

Then I had a new problem: when having breakfast with the boys, my feet often get cold in the winter and I wanted an ottoman.

So I made one.

Inspired by the chair’s construction, I took a large block of styrofoam that came from something or other we ordered and was shipped here and created a base — the block had a gap but thanks to Agent Smith and some glue, it was filled with similar foam. Then I took a bunch of sheets of shredded cloth that came with some Home Chef orders and created a cushion. I topped the whole thing off with three old bed pillows. All of that was then stuffed into a muslin liner I stitched up.

Then came the hard part: I crocheted a soft fuzzy top, durable bottom, and series of side panels using various materials ranging from plastic lanyard string and wool yarn to faux fur and ribbon yarn.

Then I stitched it all together and now have an ottoman of my very own.

Here’s a shot of the ottoman and chair. Since the boys sometimes like to sit with me, I whipped up some back and arm rest covers for the chair.

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