“New” Desk

Still working through the backlog of images and stories, but this, unlike the last multi-post saga, is a relatively quick story.

On his last visit with us, Agent Smith’s dad did quite a bit of furniture work for us. Not only did he see to the recently purchased dining table and couch in the great room, but he also gave my desk some much needed TLC. Said desk was originally purchased for my father by his parents way back when he was youngster. It was then given to my sister who used it during her school years and then I snagged it when I moved off-campus and it’s been with me ever since. Because it wasn’t made for use with a computer it was always a bit on the short side, but a friend made me some risers for it a few years ago and that helped a lot.

Over the many years it had developed a few issues: a saggy drawer bottom and a couple of missing drawer guides, but it was still sturdy enough if looking a bit scruffy. Enter Old Smith who in a few days time transformed it into a smart little bit of furniture that continues to see daily use.

The wonky bottom drawer was repaired, a few new guides were installed he even created a divots in the risers so it rests securely on them instead of occasionally slipping around them. Plus he stained them to match.

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Nice mic, what is the model number?

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